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The Weeknd Discography Website

The website is also jam-packed with the best videos of the singer, presented in a stunning 3D gallery. And if you're curious to learn more, you'll find the most known quotes of the singer that tell his story from the very heart. While the website does not currently feature an extended biography, it can certainly be customized to include one upon request. Last but not least, the website also features a 3D gallery which is linked to the Weeknd's store. 

To showcase the albums, I incorporated hover boxes that display the list of songs when hovered over. This interactive feature enhances the user experience and adds an element of excitement to the presentation.

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As a devoted fan of The Weeknd, I created a website prototype for a singer or musician using his extensive discography as inspiration. The website is designed to showcase the style and musical genius of this iconic performer, and provide fans like myself with an immersive online experience. On this website you can listen to music, watch videos, read biography, shop merch.

As soon as you arrive on the website, you'll be treated to a stunning display of all the singer's latest tracks. With a click of a button, you can instantly listen to their music, and lose yourself in their catchy tunes and powerful lyrics.

The Weeknd Discography Website


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Weeknd Discography Website

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