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My Style



I am a model who believes in the beauty of embracing natural freshness and exuding confident femininity. My style reflects my love for effortless elegance, where simplicity meets sophistication.

In a world filled with trends and ever-changing fashion, I choose to focus on timeless looks that celebrate individuality. I believe that true beauty lies in embracing one's unique features and enhancing them with a touch of grace and poise.

Whether it's a casual photoshoot or a high-fashion runway, my aim is to exude confidence and radiate authenticity. I believe in the power of a genuine smile, a subtle yet captivating gaze, and a confident look that leaves a lasting impression.

Join me on this journey! Let's inspire each other and embrace the beauty that lies within us all.

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Confident Femininity

Effortless Elegance

Natural Fresh Look

Captivating Looks

Light pleated crepe fabric

My Values

My Metrics

Hair color: Burgondy

Eye color: Blue

Proportions: 87/60/88 cm

Height: 172 cm / 5.64 ft

Weight: 51 kg

Date of Birth: 24.10.1998 

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