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Let's Build Your Branded App 

  • Boost your business with a branded app

  • Let your customers to buy "on the go" from their mobile phone

  • Create a vivid community around your business

  • Manage everything in one user-friendly app that is fully synced with your website

Your Branded App

Keep up with the trends 

We are here

to unlock your business potential

Data indicates store owners using native mobile apps see an average increase of 162% in transactions per site and fitness businesses see an average increase of 510% in services booked per site on mobile. This demonstrates that native mobile app

  • increases brand loyalty and retention

  • connects tightly with customers

  • makes your business their daily routine

  • creates your brand's community 

  • completes your brand identity

Branded App gives an ultimate mobile experience to customers and allows business owners to seamlessly create a holistic brand image. Let's see. With your app you can:

  • send push notifications for new products / services

  • offer promo coupons

  • send automated messages with delivery info or if the product is back in stock

  • notify about new blog posts

  • send updates and announcements

  • remind about upcoming events, bookings etc.

Branded app content is synched with the website pages such as 

  • product pages

  • booking services

  • forums & groups

  • events booking

  • ticket sale

  • blogs and more

Thus, the app supports businesses like fitness and personal trainers, beauty salons, restaurants, cafes and bars, all kind of big or small online stores, blogs and forums, etc.

“Building my own app has been a total game changer for my business,” said Benji Beasts, Founder and Fitness Trainer at Core Attack Fitness Club.

Members use the app everyday—whether it’s to book sessions or to buy merchandise. The most amazing thing about this app is the place it provides for customers to connect with me and other members, creating a community experience that keeps them motivated and coming back for more. 

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