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Pelove Pelvic & Sexual Health | Online Programs and Consultations

Tasks Given by the Owner:

  1. Develop a user-friendly website platform to offer online courses and consultations on pelvic floor health and women's health in general.

  2. Create a comprehensive online resource for individuals seeking guidance on pelvic floor issues, including consultations and online programs.

  3. Reflect the client's existing vision and style by incorporating their logo and website palette into the website design.

  4. Ensure seamless accessibility of the platform from a mobile app, allowing users to access content and features on-the-go.

We're confident in our successful completion of the project and remain committed to maintaining the website's functionality and effectiveness.

Thank you for watching! If you own a company in a related or similar field, you are welcome to book a consultation from our Free Consultation Page to discuss all the details. Additionally, you can explore our Price Calculator page to get an estimate beforehand.

The Pelove website offers Online Courses from a Certified Pelvic Floor Specialist. This website is a comprehensive online platform dedicated to providing consultations and online courses related to pelvic floor health. The website serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking guidance and support for pelvic floor issues such as incontinence, pelvic pain, prolapse, and pelvic floor dysfunction.

Through the user-friendly interface, visitors can access bookings with gradually extending women's health specialists and learn about treatment options. The site offers personalized services, including consultations with experienced pelvic floor specialists, tailored treatment plans, and pelvic floor online programs.

The online program is available both on the website (desktop or mobile) and on the mobile app. Applicants use the mobile app to check their progress, watch educational videos, send homework, and communicate with a coach and other participants.

The original concept is sustained in the website and mobile app design, certificate design, event ticket design, etc. The website is continuously growing, and we keep an eye on it and provide full maintenance for it.

Pelove Pelvic & Sexual Health | Online Programs and Consultations


Client: Elvira Pau

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