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The owner requested a redesign to give the Focus bar a more modern look that reflects its lively atmosphere. Located in the heart of Haifa, the bar is a bustling and enjoyable place to spend an evening with friends. We fulfilled the task by correcting the color palette, refining the overall design, and incorporating scrolling animations, giving the site a dynamic spirit. Additionally, we migrated the website to a more advanced Wix Studio, offering better design solutions and providing a fully responsive experience.

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Get ready to groove at Focus Bar! The team of their friendly bartenders is delighted to offer you a wide selection of cocktails, each a true masterpiece in a glass, while our DJ is ready to spin some tunes and set the mood just right! Don't forget to reserve a table, as Focus Bar gets really busy in the summertime. It's easy to do from the website. We've tried to reflect the dynamic atmosphere of the place on the website as well, incorporating cool visual effects.

Bar Website


DJ Leonid

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