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Dramatic Flowers

Комната Блум

В Bloom Room мы верим в красоту и силу природы. Наши цветы олицетворяют жизнь, любовь и рост. Позвольте нам помочь вам поделиться вашей историей с миром.



6333 W 3rd St, Лос-Анджелес

КА 90036

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    guaranteed result with a steady progress (10 hours per month)
    Действует 6 мес.
    • Title tags & Meta descriptions
    • Alt tags for images and videos
    • Headings structure on every page
    • Schema markup implementation
    • Google Maps, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel
    • Extra site sections or pages and SEO content for them
    • Extra site content for each page | Blog with articles
    • Reviews app with SEO-proof reviews
    • Internal links and backlinks audit
  • ONGOING SITE UPDATES (10 hours p/month)

    Your website remains current, relevant, and optimized for success
    • Design Refresh: enhancing site structure and visual appeal
    • Content updates : adding new blog posts, articles, images
    • SEO enhancements: optimizing tags, keywords, internal links
    • UX: enhancing navigation, improving layout and compatibility
    • Identifying & resolving any technical issues, errors
    • New product upload
    • Multilingual site translation updates
    • Plugin and theme updates
    • Performance optimization
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