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Olcsvari Renata | Permanent Makeup Services

The client's vision was clear: they wanted something extraordinary, a design that would grab attention and evoke a sense of wonder. With the colors black, red, and the shimmer of glitter in mind, we embarked on this creative journey. The client's satisfaction was our ultimate goal, and we believe we've not only met but exceeded their expectations with this creatively non-standard website. Welcome to a digital realm where artistry knows no bounds.

But the journey doesn't end here. Our future plans involve expanding the website into a dynamic webshop and a platform for comprehensive online courses. 

Thank you for watching! If you own a company in a related or similar field, you are welcome to book a consultation from our Free Consultation Page to discuss all the details. Additionally, you can explore our Price Calculator page to get an estimate beforehand.

Explore this captivating website of a highly skilled permanent makeup artist and her professional studio, where the art of permanent makeup is redefined. This unique website was born from a desire to stand out and leave a lasting impression.

Our design concept revolved around a textured dark background, subtly adorned with glimmers of glitter and striking red accents. We incorporated images of human body and face statues, symbolizing timeless and natural beauty. But here's where the magic happened – we breathed life into these statues with captivating animations, infusing the website with a sense of dynamism.

To enhance the overall user experience, we employed sticky sections, creating an element of surprise and intrigue as visitors navigated the site. The result? A website that defies conventions, breaks boundaries, and celebrates the extraordinary.

As part of our commitment to innovation, we've included a captivating welcome video, creatively generated by AI and elegantly placed in the header. This video introduces the business, sharing the essence of what they do and why one should choose them

Olcsvari Renata | Permanent Makeup Services


Client: Olcsvári Renáta, a permanent makeup artist in Budapest, Hungary

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