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Jen Toys | Montessori Wooden Toys Shop

The website offers a loyalty program for customers, an online gift card option, a mobile app, a coupon system, and a fun page where parents can download free printable materials for their children or watch engaging videos with DIY activities for kids. 

Every month, we expand the webshop's  product range with new items, and we are thrilled to see the shop gaining visibility on Google. Our team is also dedicated to optimizing the website for SEO.

If you are looking for a website with creative design solutions, we are here to help bring your ideas to life!

Thank you for watching! If you own a company in a related or similar field, you are welcome to book a consultation from our Free Consultation Page to discuss all the details. Additionally, you can explore our Price Calculator page to get an estimate beforehand.

Jen Toys is a web shop selling Montessori educational toys for young kids. When designing this web shop, our goal was to make it a fun and engaging experience. The website is filled with interactive elements, and the two adorable penguins symbolize the two little sons of the shop owner. The main language of the website is Hungarian, but the site also offers an English version.

We had a large task at hand as we had to design not just a website, but to create a brand's image, too. This included brand colors, logo, brand's mascots, some promotional materials for commercial use like custom qr codes and gift cards.

Jen Toys | Montessori Wooden Toys Shop


Client: Wooden Toys Shop in Budapest, Hungary

Wooden toys website

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