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Bookinist Clutches | Webshop

The Bookinist' clutch brand embarked on a mission to enchant women with exceptional collections of book-inspired clutches, celebrating timeless literary masterpieces. These meticulously crafted clutches, designed for special occasions and unforgettable moments, offered a thoughtful and exclusive gift option for book lovers. Our team's primary goal was to encapsulate the brand's essence in the website design, opting for an elegant style that showcased the exquisite craftsmanship of these unique products. Despite the unfortunate cessation of the website's activity due to external factors, we are proud to showcase this stunning webshop in our portfolio, a testament to our commitment to creating captivating digital experiences.

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Many women adore reading, and it's safe to say that all women love stylish bags. The visionary behind 'The Bookinist' clutch brand aimed to delight women with extraordinary collections of book clutches inspired by timeless literary masterpieces. Can you imagine receiving such a thoughtful gift – an exclusive handmade clutch in the shape of your favorite bestseller? These clutches were made to order, designed for special occasions and unforgettable moments. Take a moment to explore this elegant, stylish website and its captivating products.

Our primary objective was to capture the brand's essence in the design. We opted for an elegant style with exquisite typography and a delicate color palette. We refrained from overwhelming it with excessive design effects or animations, ensuring that the spotlight remained on these remarkable products.

We take pride in presenting this collection of beautifully crafted items to the world. Unfortunately, due to sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation, the site is no longer active. Nevertheless, we are delighted to retain it in our portfolio as a testament to a stunning webshop.

Bookinist Clutches | Webshop


Client : Lara Chernyak, the owner of the Bookinist brand

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