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Batonyi Consulting | Company Website

The task was to create a visually appealing website that instills confidence in visitors, assuring them that their problems will be effectively addressed. It needed to be designed using colors that convey transparency, stability, and professionalism while also reflecting Hungary. As the main color, we opted for beige white, complemented by golden-bronze and black colors. To capture the essence of Hungary, we adorned the website with captivating images showcasing the beauty of Budapest's most iconic landmarks.

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Batonyi Consulting helps individuals from around the world to immigrate to Hungary. While they cater to clients from various countries, their main clientele consists of individuals from Russia and other Russian-speaking countries. As a result, the primary language used on the website is Russian, but they also provide English and Hungarian language versions. Additionally, the company offers comprehensive assistance with various aspects of adaptation in Hungary, including legal consultancy, insurance services, support with residential matters, medical treatments, and everyday life guidance.

Batonyi Consulting | Company Website


Client: Tamas Batonyi, an immigration consultant in Hungary

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